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Digital & Marketing

Defining the right strategy & concepts to realise digital actions

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Branding & Design

Define & realise this "wow" brands graphics

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Research & Development

Bring your digital products to the next inovative trends of the market

Who are we?

Greenwoods is a digital marketing agency. The main activities of the company is the marketing and technology evolving around IP (Internet protocol) & mobile based supports, but not only limited to these.

The company also believes that strong branding, appealing visuals & design are key factor to building a framework where customers, fans, members will want to return regularly.

Digital business is changing the way organizations use and think about technology, moving technology from a supporting player to a leading player in innovation, revenue generation and market growth.

CIOs or IT professionals who hear ‘digital business’ and think ‘IT’ will be blindsided. Digital business is not synonymous with IT. It is outward-focused and a metaphorical combination of front office, top line and downstage compared with back office, bottom line and backstage. True, information and technology help to build the capabilities for digital businesses, but they are only part of a complex picture.

In a digital business, digital technology, for the first time, moves into the forefront and becomes the heart of what the business is doing and how it generates revenue, seizes competitive advantage and produces value. Digital business represents a more extreme revolution than previous technology-driven changes, and CIOs, with their insight into technology and information, are positioned to develop and promote a successful digital business.

Gartner research has shown that a lack of digital business competence will cause 25 percent of businesses to lose competitive ranking by 2017.